Thursday, October 18, 2012

high stakes hostess

We're hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. I'm freaking out a little.  It may seem early to worry, but here's the thing; Thanksgiving comes with a lot of expectations.  We've hosted Christmas morning plenty of times and breezed right through.  The children opening presents, a great breakfast and bloody mary's are all that's required.  But Thanksgiving is another story.  It doesn't come with the automatic, built-in fun of watching children open gifts. I'm worried it will be boring.

So...what to do??  For me, it helps to get planning.  Here are some of the ideas I'm mulling around.

This family started the most lovely tradition.  At holidays or even Sunday dinner, they sign the tablecloth and then the Grandma later embroiders everything they wrote.  I really love this idea for our family. Such a wonderful heirloom.

Your can read their whole story here.

Typically, we don't have a kids' table...but this is really cute.  The 'Thankful Tree' is such a great idea.

Have a great day!!!

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